Hey there! You’re looking at the docs for Boomerang - Multipurpose Bootstrap Theme. First of all thank you for your purchase! This theme has been lovingly crafted by Webpixels Team to help you build awesome projects on the web. Boomerang comes with extraordinary features. Flexible, ready to use UI components, plugins which will bring you so much closer to your end goals. Let’s dive in.


What's great about Boomerang is that you have everything you need in one place, no matter you need a multi-page or one page website. The files are very well organized and very easy to work with. After the unzipping process you will have the next file and folder structure:

The structure is very simple and easy to understand. All styles, images, javascript and other third-party plugins are stored within the assets folder, while the page templates are stored within the html folder.

Within your Bootstrap theme you’ll find the following directories and files, grouping common resources and providing both compiled and minified distribution files, as well as raw source files.

├── assets/
│   ├──├── css/
│   ├──├── js/
│   ├──├── scss/
│   ├──├── images/
│   ├──├── fonts/
│   ├──├── vendor/
│   ├──├── ...
├── documentation
├── pages/
│   ├──├── homepages/
│   ├──├── inner/
│   ├──├── profile/
│   ├──├── e-commerce/
│   ├──├── real-estate/
│   ├── ...
├── demos/
│   ├──├── startup-agency/
│   ├──├── startup-app/
│   ├──├── startup-analitycs/
│   ├──├── startup-classic/
├── newsletter/
├── php/
└── index.html
└── demos.html
└── pages-home.html
└── pages-inner.html
└── pages-profile.html
└── pages-shop.html
└── pages-real-estate.html

Getting started

In order to integrate Boomerang in your project, first you need to add Bootstrap. The easiest way to get started is to use one of the starter templates where you will find the minimal setup needed.


Boomerang is highly customizable in a very easy way. You can customize it via CSS or SASS or you could just use the modifier classes in order to get the style you want. Go to the "Customization" menu to learn more.

Starter templates

The basic template is a guideline for how to structure your pages when building with a Bootstrap Theme. Included below are all the necessary bits for using the theme’s CSS and JS, as well as some friendly reminders.

If you are now all set up, you can opt using the pre-defined page layouts (e.g: index.html, about-agency.html) or create your own by using one of the starter templates which contain the page's main structure.

All you have to do is to fill it up with the desired elements and content.

Open starter templates